The Not-So-Lucky Ones

Some people are lucky enough they get to create themselves
from birth, they are given a platform on which they can
comfortably build their lives
on which a seed has been planted, so they can’t help but grow
into something beautiful
they are surrounded by stability and supportive figures,
making it difficult for them to be derailed from their tracks
but even if they do fall off,
there is always someone there to catch them
there is always someone there to lift them up
these are the lucky ones.

Some people, though,
are born into a world of hurt
from birth, they are thrown into raging waters,
forced to swim in hopes of finding solid ground for themselves.
and they don’t know the difference between an iceberg and an island
until one disappears from underneath them
they are tied to the tracks that are everything they think they know
still, with each passing moment, the train gets closer and closer
nobody saves them, few choose to save themselves
and those who do, go through life learning to reject
what they’ve only ever accepted
walking away
from what begs to stay
cleaning the mess
that is them

See, some people have to break themselves down
before they can even think about building themselves up.


One thought on “The Not-So-Lucky Ones

  1. Very profound I would say they were broken early on or at birth and the strong ones the persevering ones piece themselves back up again piece by piece through out their life journey making of themselves a master piece more beautiful than those who were never broken.


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