I fell in love with our skyline,
I fell in love with the way the moon rose above
the series of buildings we built together
each one standing so tall, reaching for the sky
each one part of our story
each one with its own story
I love to place myself on the rooftops & look down at where we began
I love to walk through the halls full of memories & reminisce
I love to admire from afar all that we’ve accomplished

There is a fog that has draped itself over our skyline
as I stand on the rooftops, I cannot see the ground beneath me
as I walk through the halls, they feel cold
& from afar, I can hardly see anything at all

But it’s just some bad weather, baby
the fog will clear soon
for now, build with me
the tallest building
through the clouds
& to the moon, baby.

previously published on ThoughtCatalog


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