Bloom, Baby, Bloom.

People act like loving yourself
is a one way street with no return
loving yourself is a flower
you water it, & sometimes
you get distracted & forget to water it
whatever the reason may be
it begins to wilt… it begins to die
until you remember to water it again
& just like a plant that is deprived of its most basic necessity
you are deprived of that too
& just like a plant, you can be rejuvenated
it takes time, but you will love yourself again
just water yourself as much as you can, baby.


2 thoughts on “Bloom, Baby, Bloom.

  1. Absolutely and if I may add:
    The beauty a flower 🌺 or a plant provides to this world is an illustration of the beauty we provide to this world when we take care of ourselves and bloom baby bloom.”
    Hugs Isa

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