They Can’t Save Everyone But They’ll Still Try To

To have desires that go beyond one’s self is so devastatingly beautiful. With it comes a heaviness that presents itself so subtly over time, it’s hardly recognizable. People with desires beyond themselves; empathetic, compassionate beings, go about life collecting the heaviest parts of people- their grief, their heartache, their secrets, their fears. Carrying the heaviest parts of people builds up a different kind of strength. It’s a strength that allows a person to heal, to inspire, and to change the world. But, even a person who has the strength to carry the heaviest things in the world, can not always carry them all, much less all at once. There is a certain sadness that manifests itself in the hearts of those who strive to change the world. It’s a sadness that comes with the realization of the fact that you can’t save everyone no matter how hard you try. These people eventually become trapped, under the weight of the world- literally.

Hurt souls present themselves in two ways. Some are like flies, attracted to the light that shines from a person with nothing but good intentions. Others are more like earthworms, so afraid of the light that they dig themselves into a hole so deep, light can not penetrate no matter how bright it shines. When you are the light, you have the mentality of “No good soldier leaves a man behind.” You fail to consider that some people might choose to be left behind. It’s an unfathomable concept to a person who finds their sole purpose in relieving others of their suffering. When their light is rejected, it only pulls them closer.

It’s ironic, how light always seems to be attracted to the darkest of places

& we wonder why the best hearts are always the broken ones

fatal attraction

Rejection is outside the nature of such people, therefore, it often is processed as the opposite of what it really is. Like a yes means yes and no means hell yes kind of thing, because who would ever reject love?
Surely only the peopld who need it the most would reject it.

A person of this nature goes through life ignoring the bad and emphasizing the good. They’re the people that forgive no matter how many times they are let down, and no matter how many times they get burned, they’ll still somehow believe the best in everyone. They live in a fantasy of a perfect world, but this world is far from perfect. This world will beat you and bruise you and turn those who are weak into slaves of sadness. It takes a lot of time for the dreamers to come to the realization that it doesn’t matter how much love you give, a person doesn’t have to accept it. It is this realization that causes the weight of the world to come crashing down.
It’s the certain kind of sadness that comes with realizing you can give people light, but you can’t make them see.
It’s crazy, how a person can handle so much heartache, so much grief, so much fear, yet crumble at the thought of rejection.

So they go on, suffering from the purity of their hearts. They are the true warriors of this world; they are the difference makers. They are the people that make this world a better place by simply being who they are. Most people can hardly carry the reality of their own sadness, or see past their own selfish desires and perspectives. People often don’t open up, usually because they are afraid of judgment, or of vulnerability.
But, there are those people who find their way into your life so gracefully, looking like any other normal human being, but feeling like heaven; they make you feel like heaven too. You’d never guess the suffering of a soul that has relieved yours.


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