The Culprit of A Wasted Life.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was climbing trees along with just about anything else that could be climbed, bringing home baby iguanas (I really raised one for 4 months), getting my church clothes way too dirty, & swimming as far out into the ocean as possible. I never really thought about the consequences of the things I did. I didn’t think about the possibility of me falling out of the tree I so desperately wanted to climb, I just thought about how beautiful the world must look from up there. I never was the type to think worst case scenario, I just did whatever felt right. I did what excited my soul; what filled my heart.
My mother always noticed I had a thirst for “danger”. I’ll never be able to count the amount of times she has said to me, “You love to walk right on the line, don’t you Isa?”. Of course, as my mother, she would worry about my safety, & so often times that rhetorical question was followed by warning me of some potential consequences pertaining to what I was doing or about to do. She never said it in a tone that made me feel bad about it though, just different. She never tried to change me, & I am so thankful for that, because the more I get to know myself, the more I realize that having natural courage is a gift. Now, whenever my mother tells me I’m walking right on the line, I look at her proudly & say: “Yes, but I have yet to fall.”.
In life, most miss out on the most unforgettable, indescribable experiences due to fear of “crossing the line”. The way I see it, this line is a tight rope connecting a barren rock & a lush jungle- that is where life begins. Beneath the tightrope is, well… you can’t see the bottom of it so that’s that. This is where all fear stems from: the possibility of death, failure, or even embarrassment. On the barren rock stands 90% of the world, afraid to walk across to the other side, but always dreaming about the endless possibilities that await. They watch & envy those who walk right on the line as they gain the experiences of all the untapped glory this world offers. They stand there, living their mediocre lives, in their mediocre bubble, with a bitter taste in their mouths. They ridicule the brave, manipulating their own minds to label them as fools. I’d argue and say that the only fools in this world are those who are given a life yet refuse to live it. Fear is crippling, it teaches you nothing & leads you nowhere. Courage, however, is strengthening, it teaches you everything & leads you to beautiful places. There are destinations that can only be reached through leaps of faith, lessons that can only be learned through humbling failure, & experiences that give the most unfathomable concepts perfect clarity.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” -unknown

Do not waste this life. Do not hold back. So many people can easily name the things that scare them the most, but have to think long and hard about what it is that makes them feel alive; what it is that gives them purpose. Some never even figure out what it is that sets their soul on fire, and so they live dully- a contradiction.

If you should fear anything, let it be fear itself. Do not fear death, but fear dying having done nothing. Do not fear failure, but fear having failed to leave behind a legacy that lasts far beyond your years.

Do not fear life, fear being given a life & hardly living it at all.


One thought on “The Culprit of A Wasted Life.

  1. Your fearless, free spirit is admirable and has taught me to trust. I love seeing you fly higher and higher as time goes by. I love you Isa. You my daughter are a unique soul.

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