The Progression of a Thought.

I often reminisce on the things I’ve felt and reflect on the things I feel. I have felt what it is to love, to be betrayed, to betray, to have guilt, to be lost. Sometimes, I get lost, but I’m not so convinced that getting lost is a bad thing. I mean, technically in order to get lost, you have to know where it is you are heading. Do any of us know where we are heading? Perhaps, we think we do, & for this reason, we feel lost, off track, de-railed. But, maybe we are never really lost. Maybe we think we are lost because we are so intent on arriving at a place that is never even meant to be a place. We can not know where the road ahead leads, & because of this, don’t you ever feel lost, not a day, not a moment, not a second of your life. You are never lost, you only continue to be found.


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