“There are people who look up at the stars & the sky & they don’t feel a thing.”

If you know me, you know I never fail to point out the stars on a clear night. For me, the stars are easily one of my favorite things. I guess you could say that the stars have saved me- more than once too. I once drove 3 hours in the middle of the night just to find a spot in the desert where I could see the stars without interference from man. I look up at the stars, & they bring me a sense of comfort. When I feel lost, I look up, & I feel okay again.

I was road tripping through the back roads of Mexico last week when night fell. I, of course, glued my head to the window of our car rental & stared in amazement at the especially bright & abounding stars. In this moment, a thought lurked into my mind.

“There are people who look up at the stars & the sky & they don’t feel a thing.”

I let it sink in for a moment, & then another, & I felt my own breaths being taken from me as I became dazed in the saddest way. I just kept on wondering how a person could be so blind to the beauty, comfort, & knowledge that this world offers at no cost. It’s not even just in the stars. It’s in painted sunsets & crisp sunrises, cascading waterfalls, silences in between waves crashing onto the shore, trees that are hundreds of years old & still standing. There are people who could have these things put right in front of their faces, & they’ll do nothing but look the other way. They are so distracted. Distracted with money, jobs, grades, their future, they forget that the richest things are not made by man, & all we really have in this world is time, so why are we so intent on wasting it? These are things only the world in it’s most innocent form can teach you.

Don’t be so distracted that you lose joy in the so-called, “little things”. I promise you, they are the big things. Everything around you is a lesson to be learned. When we allow the world, as it is, to speak to us, it gives us a new perspective. It gives us everything we need when we feel like we have nothing we need.

My hope for everyone is that they never look up at the stars & the sky & feel nothing.

I hope it makes them feel everything.


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